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ILL GrOOve GaRDen LiVE RaDiO?Broadst

Join us LiVE in-person on Aug 29th from Esport central entertainment center 1231 Saint-therine St?WEST

Vibez with the iGG crew DJs Blaster, Mystil Flex & Host: Zip-Loks from 9pm-1am LiVe on radio!! Hear exclusive tracks & interview with lol artist: King K - KMA - D?Boon

Listen back to the full archive!

Positive Vibes LIVE from the Jamai Association

Tune in to a special edition of Positive Vibes Thursday August 5th from 2pm to 5pm broadsting LIVE from The Jamai Association. Host Roger Moore will be interviewing members of the Association to find out about how they coped with COVID, summer programmes and their gradual re-opening. Find out all the details about their special Independence Day Celebration happening this Saturday August 7th - a national concert streaming from 2pm. Also live performance and interview with King Shadrock and other surprise guests. Archive?here!


We may not be back in the studios but we are hitting the?road.

All Da Way Live Radio is broadsting LIVE from La Rama Records. 77 Bernard West. Live DJ sets from Pro-V and Kris?Guilty

Wednesday July 28th 3pm -?5pm

This live broadst is made possible by funding from the Secretariat for Relations with English-Speaking?Quebecers.


T-shirt weather is here and we have some colourful new merch is up in the merch store.

There’s also some fresh new hoodies and Funding Drive shirts from years past in there… If you’re lol, you n arrange to pick up your merch from our mailbox to save on?shipping.

If you’re not, we ship worldwide at affordable rates. Help support the station and look good while doing?it!

Music department blog

Latest TOTAL ECLIPSE news?& features:?CHARTS FOR Aug 31st 2021 ARE?UP,?

Want the full scoop on what’s happening in CKUT’s musil headquarters? Visit the Music Department blog for news, projects, and music we’re excited about on the?regular:

If you’re looking for some live music (and other cool happenings), check our?EVENT?LISTINGS.?

Wavelengths - CKUT Community Newsletter

Stay up to date with all of CKUT’s happenings with our monthly community?newsletter.

Special programming, events, audio highlights, giveaways, station news, job opportunities, and?more!

Sign up?here!

Your Radio's On (But Nobody's Home)

CKUT’s studios, music library, offices, and equipment will be closed/unavailable until further notice to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to our at-risk members. In the meantime, we will be operating remotely and will air a mix of original pre-recorded programming from our regular programmers, recent archives, and other relevant special programming.?STATION TOURS ARE NCELLED UNTIL FURTHER?NOTICE

More information and our statement here.

CKUT is (gradually) relaunching some activities

With financial assistance from the Secretariat and the Government of Quebec, CKUT is excited to announce a project which will allow us to gradually relaunch some activities put on pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to undertaking a feasibility study for gradual studio reopening, we’ll be restarting live broadsts of community events to help publicize and celebrate these events (ie. festivals, music events, restaurants reopening, reopening of?businesses).

CKUT’s gradual reopening is funded by the Secretariat for Relations with English-speaking Quebecers. The project is supported by ELAN english language arts?network.

What people are saying @ckut

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